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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Time According to Butterfly Wings




Vintage look jewelry

Butterfly Background
€70 -

Hedwig™ Flying
$20 -

$4.99 -

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Confession :Polyvore Anyone?

I have to admit,  I'm addicted to eye candy. Anything that catches my eye is flame for the fire. Perhaps I should say food for the gluttonous visual feast. As far as eye candy is concerned, I have a huge appetite.

I am an artist by nature. I even would admit that I am a secret hoarder, a crow cawing with glee when I find a glittery treasure that is visible to only me. 

Now I must say that anyone who knows me well knows that I am a hoarder. My dear husband of 21 years knows this secret all too well. My hoarding, which I prefer to call my collection in the sacred pursuit of Art, is limited to books and magazines and clippings.  Thankfully my husband is accepting because he loves me and is very wise.

If it weren't for him, our home could be wall to wall books with a small path leading from room to room with a small corner for chairs, tables, and furniture. I tend to think of him as the voice of reason. His influence and my pocketbook keep me from slipping into complete slobdom or being seen on tv as the woman who died in her house surrounded by a tower of leaning books.

Once again, I must say that I prefer to think of myself as a collector. I'm not a mere slob hoarding cheese wrappers and paper towels. My collection is for a higher calling. Making art.

So what does this have to do with anything? I'm sure you are wondering what this has to do with polyvore. Some of you may be asking what in god's name is polyvore. Seven days ago, I had never heard of polyvore.

Polyvore is the leading community site for online style where users are empowered to discover their style and set trends.  (I got this directly from the web.) Polyvore is a lot like playing paper dolls with pictures of real clothes. (Another quote from the web)

For me as an artist,  polyvore is this amazing online community of artists. For me as an artist, polyvore is this huge artistic playground, one big magazine that I can clip these cool images from.

Polyvore is EYE CANDY HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stumbled onto polyvore when I was googling images for Frida Kahlo. Googling images for this and that is another one of my ways of scrolling for eye candy. I had just read a book about Frida and I discovered this set:

Swarovski orange jewelry
38 GBP -

Avalaya boho jewelry
11 GBP -

Gold Mirror

Catalog - Flowers - Leaves
$7.50 -

As soon as I saw it I had to know more!  I joined immediately.
This was my first set!

Fly 53 Dulcimer Jumper
34 GBP -

Driftwood Mirror
$199 -

Second Set:

Polyvore is good news, for all these reasons!

1.   I can keep my collections in one central place on the computer.
2.   I get to see as much eye candy as I want, as often as I want, whenver I want.
3.   Not as many trips to the library
4.   Not so much clutter around the house.
5.   Some of the creations on polyvore are so amazing, artistic and creative!
6.   I can start releasing back into the wild some of my treasured collection.
7.  Most importantly, my husband will be so happy when I let go of a lot of my stuff! Notice, I didn't say all of my stuff. It will take awhile.

I might even step away from the computer once in awhile and paint.

Until next time,