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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Promotional Frenzy Blog List :All the shop urls

So I've put it off making a blog list for a while, because I did it before, but did it wrong. I linked to the blogs instead of to promotional frenzy etsy shops. So I pushed up my sleeves and redid it. I'm hoping that this list will make it a little easier for the next member of the team to add their etsy shops to their blog roll.

To add shop links in your sidebar;

*First go to your dashboard and click on "Design"
*Then select a blank page element (one of the rectangles on the side that says add gadget") and open it

*When it opens select "Link List"

*Then Label the Title something like "Promotional Frenzy"

*Below that type in or copy and paste the URL from each shop one at a time

*If you don't want the whole URL shown you can paste into the line below also and take out the http:// and in that line that says "New Site Name".
*Then save, and these should show up when you view your blog.
*Repeat, until finished.

* Here's all the urls for you that you will need. I'll update, as needed.

I wish someone had made this list for me, so I did it for you.

Here's the complete list:
galla15 -
GlitterbirdGlamour -
Petite Hermine -
DivineInTime -
Kater's Acres (ToyStoryNutty) -
Prittyfy -
sammi10 -
Makenzi&Madilyn -
BijiBijoux -
CrimsonHill -
KrystalsJewelry -
CrochetedbyCharlene –
tfamily5 -
NewCreatioNZ -
Jane Hamill -
crystalphotography -
HogansHandiwork -
BountyofBeads -
ArielSimone -
Bagsofblessing -
LaRueFashions -
Angelsneverlastings -
PowersOfLove -
turtlexiii -
Lbtoyos -
rabbithollowprims -
terraverdegoods -
treehouseherbs -
Green Dragon Books
RhettDidntGiveADamn -
SabtisDesigns -
Lissie Design -
ModBrush -
GrapeVineCeramicsGft -
charmeddesign1012 -
cigarboxbeads -
Magdamagda -
GetThePartyStarted -
designs by Leah R. Hood-
Poison Garden -
Kelly Designs -
Teacup Teddies-
EldoradoSoap -


  1. Great work....have to redo my list...I made a mistake and they are not have given me the push to do it!!

    Blog looks great!

  2. Awesome list! I too wish it had already been done like that. Pretty blog.

  3. Great idea. I need to update mine and will use your information. (You are right, aren't you? LOL)

    Following you.


  4. Glad I could be of help! Yes, I'm right this time!

    Calliope thanks for the follow.

  5. Thanks......I'm two away from just clicking on blogs to go to shops! I should have worked from the bottom up. I will be adding my shop to the list.....I've been part of the team for a while now.....participating in blog Wednesdays for about a month....but couldn't get the list done until tonight.

    You did a great service for people! Wish I had seen this first!
    Thanks, Carol from Carol's Jewelry Orchard.

    Please add my URL

    and my blog is;

  6. Thanks for sharing.

    Please add me to your list

    Blog is

    I will add you too.